Living Modern with BoydDesign

Classic modern architecture & design can enrich your life and express your individuality. Living in an airy, light-filled house, surrounded by vintage modern furniture, is a timeless experience that links you to a vanished era of optimism and daring. You can enjoy something that is unique, a bold statement softened by the patina of time. It is also a good investment; the best modern design is scarce and is appreciating sharply in value.
BoydDesign is a hands-on consulting firm that strives to preserve and enhance classic modern houses, while accommodating contemporary needs. It offers a turnkey service, from purchase to move-in, as well as advice on specific issues. It draws upon the expertise of Michael Boyd, who has won acclaim for the restoration of landmark houses, furniture and garden design, and for his museum-quality collection of vintage modern pieces. Boyd offers clients what he has learned and practiced himself over three decades:

Locating and evaluating modern properties
Analysis of client needs and options for new construction
Restoring, remodeling and extending houses in the spirit of the original
Interior design, custom furniture, and selection of vintage pieces
Lighting, landscaping and security

BoydDesign’s skill in restoring and enhancing Oscar Niemeyer’s only North American house, located in Santa Monica, is celebrated in a critically-acclaimed book, Modernist Paradise: Niemeyer House, Boyd Collection (Rizzoli, 2007). BoydDesign did a meticulous restoration of Paul Rudolph’s legendary triplex in Manhattan, and has recently restored the work of Craig Ellwood, Richard Neutra, John Lautner, RM Schindler, and A. Quincy Jones. With each of these projects, BoydDesign selected and supervised talented experts and specialized craftspeople, and designed custom carpets and interiors. BoydDesign’s achievements have been featured in numerous publications around the world, and highlights of the Boyd  Collection were the subject of a major exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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