John Lautner Chemosphere House
Oscar Niemeyer Strick House
Paul Rudolph Townhouse
Richard Neutra Wirin House
Craig Ellwood Steinman House
John Lautner Harvey House
Wende Museum Gardens (In Progress)

A garden is a part of a home. It is both an extension of an interior and a connection point with nature. The design and layout of planting schemes, rocks, water elements, and additional hardscaping helps to mold nature into a habitat for man. The discriminating placement of sculptural plant  and rock forms and their relationship can reinforce modernist tenets with a natural, even biological palette. In Southern Califonia in particular, indoor/outdoor living has always been a central philosophy of modernist architecture. The mild meteorological climate and the adventurous and daring clients together created a mood whereby the outside was in and the inside was out.