Jean Prouvé, École de Dieulouard, Room 10, Propped-Type Demountable House, 1952 

Gift to LACMA from Gabrielle + Michael Boyd 

BoydDesign found this former classroom from Nancy (École de Dieulouard, Room 10) in a warehouse in Paris. They restored and re-assembled it with the architect Alain Banneel, and donated it to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Prouvè said “there is no difference between the design of a piece of furniture and that of a house.” Whether considered as scaled-up case work, cabinetry for living, or micro-architecture, Room 10 has flexibility in functional plan and aesthetic architectural presence. The delicacy of the structure belies the ideals pursued. The ultimate goal for pioneering modernist architects and designers was to achieve affordable and practical housing for the masses, yet to simultaneously bring forth a successful, serviceable design that can also be sublime, aspirational, and inspiring.
ARCHITECTURE >> A. Quincy Jones, Nordlinger House #1, 1948
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