Shed House, 2016 (with Laurel Broughton)

Located in Malibu near Point Dume, the Shed House is the first ground-up design at BoydDesign (in collaboration with Laurel Broughton). The client was seeking a vintage modernist house to restore but little had been available and the owner requested that Boyd design a house from scratch. The client wanted to capture a mid-century modernist design feel but without a flat roof. BoydDesign solved the request with a simple L-plan with a one-way pitch, which helps to shield the interior from the south western orientation of the ocean view home. The interior hub resides where the two sloped roof elements come together, and this provides dramatic and interesting geometry. The one-acre garden was also entirely designed by BoydDesign.
ARCHITECTURE >> Shed House, Malibu, 2016
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